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Inukshuk Central Florida

Because we believe in the quality and we ourselves feed Inukshuk brand dog food to our show, breeding and pet Russells, we feel it only makes sense to share this incredible dog food with our customers and anyone else interested in a quality food for your pet!

We order Inukshuk in bulk directly through Corey Nutrition therefore we can save you money over the high end retailers. 

We start with getting enough prepaid orders together so that we can put together a full load to be delivered immediately which usually takes about a week to receive. Below is a list of the food selections Inukshuk has available. 


Marine 26

With 100% ocean-sourced animal proteins, comprised of salmon, herring and white fish – Marine 25 is loaded with omega’s 3, and 6, and encourages amazing skin and coat conditions. Our vacuum infusion process creates a calorically dense, nutrient rich, and highly digestible formula. 25% fat means loads of energy with 580 kcals/per cup. 30% protein means excellent muscle retention and recovery for long days in the field hunting, hiking or pulling the sled. 

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