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Retired & Ready For Adoption

As much as we hate to part with our retired girls, we feel that they are deserving of a loving home to spend the rest of their years in and not limited to a kennel setting so to speak. Below you will see pictures with descriptions of girls that are available now or will be available soon. If you are interested, please contact me. I'm working on creating an adoption form that you will be able to submit. Retired females are NOT like puppies which generally adapt very well to change. Retired females take time and patience to process the change in lifestyle and surroundings. They've been born and raised here on our farm and that is all they know. They are NOT potty trained in respect to house training. They are potty trained when indoors to shavings/pelletized bedding. They have been allowed to run free without collars and leash so that will also be a new transition. If you are understanding of these changes, then one of our retired girls may be right for you. You must have a fence in yard otherwise we cannot consider you. These girls are used to fenced yards and they do so much better if they can be let out safely and off leash to do their business as well as get some excercise.

Adoptable Russells


Name:  BBF Locke's Copper Kallie

Age:  DOB 9/11/2017

Kallie is a black tri smooth coat female. She has been an incredible female in our program. She is mother to our lovely stud, Rhyder Die Of Butterball. She has been spayed and is all set to retire into a home. She is a little alpha so I would recommend she go into a home with males. Adoption fee:  $350

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