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Puppy Transport Request Form

Shipping available within the United States~PUPPY NANNY SERVICE

Cost:  $300 plus expenses (fuel, airport parking, tolls, airfare, carrier, hotel)

You are more than welcome to fly in and pick-up your pup. The 3 closest major airports to Butterball are Orlando International, Tampa International or Jacksonville International. Each is about 1 1/2 – 2 hrs. away. They do rent cars in those locations. We also have a small regional airport located about 30 mins away in Gainesville, FL but they are much pricier and have limited flights.

Pup is accompanied by a “Nanny” and flown in cabin to buyer. Cost starts at $500 depending on destination. Buyer has to be flexible on shipping date.

Cost is determined by mileage. We have equine shippers that frequently ship up the East Coast from our area and when available, offer their services to our customers. Costs generally will range from $150-$500 on the East Coast. Buyer has to be extremely flexible on shipping date due to these shippers also hauling equines and having several pick-ups and drop-offs as well as traffic influencing the travel time.


Butterball Kennel will occasionally offer transport within the state of Florida if available during the requested time frame.  

Cost: $1.50 per mile one way

Please complete the form below if you would like us to ship your puppy to you. We offer in flight nanny service where we personally fly with your puppy.

Thanks for submitting!

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